Bathroom renovation: The bathroom is the first place in a homeowner’s list of remodeling and renovation, yes even before the kitchen and the reasons are obvious. It needs less work, so less cost and less time and the mess and interruption of day to day living in the house are much less.

A bathroom should be relaxing, beautiful and functional.

Bathroom renovation

Design, color, furniture, and decoration all together are essential to have a fresh and relaxing bathroom.

As well when you’re doing the bathroom, you should consider the value that can and should add to your property.

When you’re remodeling your bathroom consider some key points.

  1. Ventilation: you have many options from the simple ones to luxury with humidity sensors and lights and …. but believe us in the long term the most important thing is the sound factor.
  2. Right flooring: you have thousands of options in color, pattern, material and …. It’s about the taste and match with other furniture like a toilet seat and cabinet and vanity but think of safety and cleaning as well.
  3. Match colors with the size, light and the shape
  4. Right pieces by right we mean considering, style shape, size and match all with other parts of the house.
  5. Do not forget mirrors
  6. Plan the plans and stick to plans
  7. Think of heated floor