Basement finish: A full convenient basement finish/renovate /restoration service is what we offer at Renokimi.

If you have an unfinished basement think of the beautiful, functional space that you can have that add value to your property and adds ease, joy and comfort to your home and family.

Remodeling an old basement and/or change it’s functionality like make it ready to rent out short or long-term or just make a beautiful family room or a bachelor unit for your teen is a good choice and major investment to make.

Before hiring a contractor have in mind the usage and most desirable function of the basement you’re looking for .determine your needs of space and they will define your plan ad layout.

If you need spaces for your teens or a bachelor suit you can’t go with an open concept and having an income suite has its own requirements.

Basement finish

Following you can have some point to consider when planning for a basement renovation.

  1. Choose the right concept
  2. Think of future
  3. Seal,insulate,protect
  4. Don’t give up storage spaces
  5. Respect the budget
  6. Plan some mechanical and heating/cooling/air filtering upgrade or changes
  7. Choose the floor type, style and color carefully
  8. Don’t forget proper lighting
  9. Think of adding or enlarging windows and other openings
  10. Have your basement inspected for level,foundation walls ,foundation floor ,….
  11. Have your mechanicals inspected for leakage,efficiency and safety
  12. Plan electronics and electrics you might add